About us

Planta Frukt Export Ltd located at Milko Bitchev Str.1 of Sofia was founded in 1993. The main activity of our company is the buying up, processing and export of wild growing and cultivated medicinal plants, wild growing fruits ( sloes, hip-roses, hawthorn berries, horsechestnuts) and seeds (fennel, coriander, milk thistle).

Our warehouse and production facilities are located at the central part of Bulgaria-a place suitable for all our suppliers-in the village of Voinjagovo near the beautiful town of Karlovo.

We makŠµ the accepting, processing and shipping of the herbs, the fruits and the seeds in our warehouse under strict control based on the Good Agriculture and Hygiene Practice (GAHP). Our facilities are well equpited with modern means for pressing, purification, precise cutting, sifting and dust removing of the materials. We also have excellently trained staff with a long and good experinece in the herbal handling.

We see our strength in the lasting and honest relations with suppliers from the whole country and certainly we can rely on them regardless of the crop failures.

At the same time we have the pleasure to work with the biggest importing companies of aromatic amd medicinal plants from EU.

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